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The Cheshire Cat Chronicles
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Date:2016-03-05 13:13
Subject:Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come
Mood: pissed off

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Date:2016-03-05 13:07
Subject: Crazy Marlena - Jefferson Airplane
Mood: angry

summer1974 onward

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Date:2016-02-28 14:00
Subject:Attractively toned 1843 half dollar

Almost all ancient and most modern coins tone blue. USA silver mostly tones gray, i suspect because till the 20th century the metals used in the alloys were not closely monitored for purity.

Tho not obvious in these original dealer photos, this one has quite a bit of blue toning in it, esp in layers on the obverse where someone touched the surface at the bottom when it was new.
Now has alt layers of med gray/blue where a fingerprint once was.

In person it is very attractive :) and a nice xf. I put it in an "Airtight" brand half dollar container to protect it.

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Date:2016-02-20 14:00

Super hero - La Garconne ...London based Ranya Dube is the woman behind the sound, new wave post-punk.

I like the song, not the title, never been into 'superheros' 'cept the Batman film w/Danny DeVito as the Penguin, that movie was funny, lol

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Date:2016-02-09 14:06
Subject:SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – Live at Àngel Casas Show (TV3 Channel, Spanish TV, 20 Nov 1984)

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – Live at Àngel Casas... by zoot1969

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES performing "Israel", "Cascade" & "Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man" live at Àngel Casas Show (Season 1, Episode 44, TV3 Channel, Spanish TV) aired on 20 November 1984.
Steven Severin: "Oh Lord, we were all so hungover for this show having enjoyed the nightlife of Barca the night before. Pretty sure Jean Moreau was a guest on the show and sat to watch us. That was a thrill."
(Source: Facebook, 08 February 2016)

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Date:2016-02-09 09:03
Subject:Start of Mardi Gras

Today is the start of Mardi Gras for 2016.

The capped bust half dollar above is 1827, the first year Mardi Gras was celebrated in New Orleans.

This is one i won that may have escaped dipping or cleaning, it retains original mint lustre
around the peripherals, (the stars, date and letters) and dirt is still trapped in the fine lines of the shield on the reverse which would make it worth twice as much as the 150 or so i got it for, if i send it in for certification and they assign it a numbered grade instead of xf or so 'details'

This was the largest silver coin minted from 1807 to 1839 in the USA, due to no silver dollars being minted, most were kept in banks to back up currency notes.

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Date:2015-12-18 13:36
Subject:needs cute kittah audio but is an anigif

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Date:2015-10-31 12:30
Subject:Steeleye Span - New York Girls

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Date:2015-09-26 03:43
Subject:J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565 - Amy Turk, Harp

For Becky:
Transcribed for classic harp

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Date:2015-09-06 17:11
Subject:NTR Podium: Lavinia Meijer speelt Philip Glass (Metamorphosis 2)

For Becky

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Date:2015-08-03 15:25
Subject:Yasmine Hamdan - Hal

From her 1st album, (this version has much better acoustics) she's the queen of underground rock in the Near East (and now ext popular in Europe) because of her quiet album based performance in Only Lovers Left Alive...see below
Otherwise in live concerts the band goes into full hard rock...
She's originally from Lebanon.

i adore you, even if a day passes by without seeing you. i forget you ? how come this time i drew you. the Longing moves the nostalgia in my heart the night gets longer and the day passes backwards oh my fragile heart the separation is killing me i have no solution (hal) i have no solution the heart only loves once (2) oh my fragile heart the separation is killing me i have no solution (hal) i have no solution the heart only loves once The heart only longs once
Yasmine Hamdan - Hal (official music video) #JimJarmusch Edit

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Date:2015-05-14 14:16
Subject:Son House: Death Letter Blues

This is the version they chose in the scene where Kerouac** and friends drive into New Orleans, in the movie On the Road, delta blues guitar of course.

**from Lowell, where i lived, read his books in high school, died the year Marlene and I got married...

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Date:2015-05-14 13:45
Subject:Philip GLASS: Opening (Glassworks) [Fender Rhodes sound]

Done on yet another instrument with fantastic sound

meh, they chose the unattractive part of the vid as the thumbnail, oh well

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Date:2015-04-22 13:26
Subject:Evan Chapman - "Opening" from Glassworks by Philip Glass (Marimba) *HD*

Normally done on piano...
He really gets it right.

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Date:2015-04-15 12:16
Subject:Dead Can Dance 'Carnival of Light' (Video by Aubrey Beardsley ;)

My other favorite cut from the first album (1984) by Dead Can Dance.
The 1st "Flowers of the Sea" i posted months ago. Very diff sound than their later stuff.

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Date:2015-03-05 22:53
Subject:So Tonight That I Might See - Mazzy Star
Mood: contemplative

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Date:2015-02-10 18:58
Subject:Fox Village, Japan

Saw this in Facebook (from Jennifer)

Foxes of all kinds have always been my fav after cats (with raccoons running a close 3rd)

This is the URL


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Date:2015-02-10 16:12
Subject:Silver coin guitar (and other instrument) picks/plectrums

For anyone who uses them
From Etsy
From their write-up
"For over 100 years, before electric amplification, guitarists have been using silver coins as picks (plectrums) due to their unique tonal quality and volume."

Go here

And of course you can buy them individually, that photo just shows 3 USA types (they have British silver coin ones too)
The ones made from half dollars are slightly larger than usual.

Myself, never liked them, (only tried plastic tho) far too much loss over speed and control of fingers and thumb.

If i ever decide to get back into playing i have an 1894 O (minted in New Orleans) Barber quarter i could prob ask them to convert.

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Date:2015-02-06 17:10
Subject:John Fahey - Steamboat Gwine Round Da Bend

Fahey live on slide guitar in Hamburg 1978

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Date:2015-02-06 16:53
Subject:John Fahey - The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Philip XIV Of Spain

Another from the Matrix...

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